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At the forefront of our office attire range is our core collection pieces. The core collection was curated to create pieces which can be worn for any purpose. With a smart casual aesthetic, the core garments follow the luxury look of our main line clothing, with a closer form fitting shape.

The Core Pant is the ideal trouser for the office. It reflects refined professionalism with a flair of natural informality by taking the shape of a traditional office pant style and constructing the piece with super soft stretch fabric. With an elasticated waist and zipped cuff, the core pant optimises comfort for the office whilst maintaining a slim fit and smart silhouette.

The Core T-Shirt is the perfect piece to wear to the office with the core pant. Crafted from a super soft stretch cotton blend, this t-shirt providers ultimate comfort for the office, with the slim fit and clean colours maintaining a smart aesthetic.