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Luxury Candiani denim found in our black ripped jeans allows us to manipulate the design, fit and style of the denim. These customisations allow us to embed a hand distressed detailing to the garment and further grants us to repair our black ripped jeans in a unique fashion.

Our black ripped jeans come in an array of silhouettes, with our destroyer, shredded denim and baggy shredded denim being at the forefront. Choose your style of black ripped jeans with either our straight leg taper and skinny fit with a low or regular rise - we have a jean for every occasion, with our black ripped jeans being a favourite amongst our customers.

Combine your black ripped jeans with our iconic Alpha Lows found in our streetwear shoes range, or partner it with one of luxury streetwear hoodies. Get your inspiration at shop the gram on our site.