FAQs - Chest Rigs - Black

How does the material composition of the 247 Chest Rig in Black contribute to its functionality and comfort?

The Black Chest Rig's composition of 72% Nylon and 28% Elastane, including a mesh outer and an internal spacer mesh with padding, offers a blend of durability, flexibility, and breathability. This ensures the rig is comfortable for extended wear during activities, while also providing the necessary strength and stretch to accommodate various items securely.

What are the key features of the 247 Chest Rig designed for workout efficiency?

Key features include magnetic buckles for quick and easy access, stretch power mesh pockets for organizing essentials like gels and snacks, bungee cords to secure water bottles, and a small zip pocket for valuables. These elements are designed to enhance workout efficiency by keeping essentials accessible and secure.

How do the provided water bottles in the 247 Chest Rig enhance hydration during activities?

The two 500ml branded TPU water bottles are equipped with bite valves, offering a convenient hydration solution that allows for easy drinking without the need to remove the bottles from the rig, facilitating continuous hydration during runs, hikes, or trails.

Can the 247 Chest Rig accommodate additional hydration options for longer activities?

Yes, the chest rig includes a rear pouch designed to hold a hydration pack, providing an option for additional water storage to support hydration needs during longer or more intense activities. Note that the hydration pack is not included.