FAQs - 247 Oversized Tanks

What features does the 247 Oversized Tank offer?

The 247 Oversized Tank is designed for optimal performance, featuring a premium technical fabric blend with 4-way stretch for complete freedom of movement. It's lightweight, breathable, and equipped with an antibacterial finish for a fresh feel. Additionally, its moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties enhance comfort during workouts.

How does the 247 Oversized Tank support body thermo-regulation during exercise?

The breathable fabric of the 247 Oversized Tank works in harmony with your body's natural thermo-regulation mechanisms. This means it helps to maintain a stable body temperature during intense workouts, aiding in overall performance and comfort.

Is the 247 Oversized Tank easy to care for?

Yes, the tank is made from an easy-care fabric that resists pilling, wrinkling, and static cling, making it a practical choice for both daily wear and rigorous training sessions. It also dries four times faster than cotton, ensuring it's ready to wear again quickly.

What is the composition of the 247 Oversized Tank, and why is it beneficial for workouts?

The composition of the 247 Oversized Tank is 82% Polyester, 11% Lyocell, and 7% Elastane. This blend offers durability, flexibility, and breathability, making the tank suitable for a wide range of movements and activities while keeping you comfortable and dry.