5 Winter Outfits for Men in 2023

5 Winter Outfits for Men in 2023


Winter is fast approaching so it is time to update your wardrobe with pieces suitable for the colder months. As you begin to ditch the shorts and sunnies, you may be starting to turn to hoodies and sweats as your go-tos; however, there are so many more options to try out this winter. When thinking about dressing well for a cooler climate, in many cases your best bet is going to be layering. Try bolstering your arsenal of knitwear, overshirts, varsity jackets and gilets, and don’t be afraid to venture beyond jeans and cargos to a pair of tailored or split pants.

This article will present 5 winter outfits for men. These outfits are all made up of versatile staples which can be worn across a variety of winter uniforms.

Men’s Winter Outfits

Gilet + Knitwear Layering

Innately a winter outfit staple, knitwear is set to be your best friend for the coming months. Our Rib Sweater in wheat is the perfect layer to experience luxury. It features dropped shoulders with a slightly oversized fit and a heavy rib design throughout the whole body. If you’re looking for some extra heat, try adding a puffer gilet. Our puffer gilet in wheat is slightly cropped with a washed finish, providing the finishing touch in form and function for winter layering.

Men's Layered Outfit

Double Denim

Often shied away from, double denim is not an outfit combination to be feared. There is a double edged key to unlocking this look, namely colour, and confidence. With regards to the former, if you’re thinking doubling up on bolder blues is too much, try repping washed tones such as our dust blue. Our dust blue straight leg jeans and denim jacket are the perfect combination for mastering double denim. More suitable for the Fall months when there is chill in the air, this combination will never let you down for an effortlessly well thought out look.

Double Denim Outfit

Monogram Fits

If you’re looking for a bold yet low effort winter outfit then a monogram design is always a good choice. This can be as simple as putting together a hoodie and sweats, with the monogram design elevating the look to a more sophisticated overall aesthetic. Our Intarsia hoodie is an initial monogram development, crafted from a heavyweight jersey blend it will keep your core body temperature toasty warm whilst having you look undoubtedly cool. Pairing with the matching split sweatpants will only elevate the fit further.

Monogram Outfit

An Overshirt (with anything)

An overshirt is a true staple for any man’s wardrobe. Hugely versatile across a range of outfits, their capabilities of elevating a look further than any hoodie is unparalleled. If you’re looking for an overshirt prepared for anything then leaning towards sherpa is probably your best option. Our Sherpa Shirt in Brown/Bone is slightly oversized; it features a virgin wool blend body which provides warmth throughout the winter months, with a brown check design running throughout the whole piece which sings the mood of the season. Check out our range of carpenter jeans for some contemporary legwear.

Overshirt Outfit

Boucle Sweater with Track Pants

A boucle sweater is always a good compromise if full knitwear isn’t at the top of your want-list. A heavy fabric made from looped yarn, it sits in a space between the fluffiness of sherpa fleece and the natural texture of marled linen. In short, if you’re looking for a top layer piece which will provide the warmth of knitwear without the added bulk, it is the best winter sweater for you. If you’re looking for a simple winter outfit, then pairing our boucle sweater with some of our split trackpants will serve a casual yet unquestionably sophisticated look.

boucle sweater for men

Closing Thoughts

As tempting as it may be to spend your winter cosied up in hoodies and sweatpants, the season provides a multitude of chances to experiment with different layers, fabrics and fits. Check out our Fall/Winter collection to find an unbeatable range of pieces which all work in unison together to provide endless outfit opportunities. Looking for outfit inspiration? Check out our article on winter outfits for men!