How to Style Joggers for Men

How to Style Joggers for Men


Joggers have always been a comfort piece in everyones wardrobe, used for lounging around the house and comfort being its main purpose. Over the years joggers have evolved in staple streetwear pieces, it has moved on from its athletic & sportswear and is now being used on runways and a popular piece sold by high fashion houses. In this article we will explain how to style these joggers with multiple different items and keep that cool streetwear look.


Joggers were originally created to be worn for exercise, due to being light and comfortable. Athletes & gym goers all over the world would wear joggers during and before exercise as an extra layer. Fast forward to now, and joggers are being used for multiple purposes, they are now a huge part of the streetwear fashion movement, and a piece which is now used for casual relaxing at home.

They have gone from a cheap and undesired item to own, to having lots of variations to wear. The fabrics and styles now used to create joggers, especially from the high fashion brands, have seen the item become very fashionable and a hugely valuable piece in anyones wardrobe.


The beauty of joggers is that they are so versatile, they can be worn with pretty much anything and look good. There is 1 rule of thumb that you should abide by when wearing joggers, and that is only wear them for casual intent. So don't go showing up at your next family wedding with some on. The whole outfit needs to be matched with casual intent, so we will now explain what items fit best with joggers.


The most iconic combo out there, think Rocky running through the Philly streets. The Joggers and Hoodie combo is a streetwear must have.

This combo is the epitome of comfort and casual clothing, and the styles and colours you can match are endless. You can keep it quite low-key and go with some of our Blank hoodies & joggers, with a huge array of pastel & washed colours and styles to ensure you never run out of ideas to style. Or you can choose to go more out there with our Owners Club graphics, our bestselling hoodies have recently introduced a matching jogger, the bold colourways we have in our Owners Club collection ensure you are standing out whilst still looking casual. Be sure to check out our full range of men's oversized hoodies or graphic hoodies for a contemporary streetwear look.


A different kind of look than a hoodie, and a personal favourite of mine. Our sweaters come with a tighter fitting neck that sits perfectly, making a perfect streetwear look. Both of our Blank & Owners Club collection offer their Hoodies in a Sweater version so you can choose what you'd prefer. Layer with a varsity jacket for an elevated look.


A very comfortable and laid back look, one that is perfect for when the weather gets a bit warmer too. An oversized t-shirt is universally worn and another perfect combo to wear with joggers, it can also be worn underneath a hoodie or sweater for more layering options. You can go with our minimal Blank t-shirts, as you can mix and match to get the same colour block as your joggers and have a full minimalistic look. If you are wanting to stand out a bit more, you could pair it with one of our Graphic t-shirts.


A track jacket gives you more of an athletic look over a casual Hoodie or Sweater. The full tracksuit has recently become very popular amongst plenty of fashion houses, but with big names such as Gucci & Palm Angels really nailing their tracksuit looks. Our Track jackets come as part of our Blank range, we have recently introduced it into the Range with our newer FW21 colourways.


This is one of the most iconic American looks as years have gone by, made popular by the American college looks in the 60's, the Varsity Jacket and jogger combo was seen all over campus'. This American look has come back into fashion recently, with lots of fashion houses making their own Varsity Jackets. Check out our article on varsity jacket outfits for more.

Closing Thoughts.

As you can see, the jogger is a very versatile item in anybody's wardrobe, and can be paired with just about any item you want to. Here at Represent we believe we make the best streetwear joggers to match any streetwear outfit you are wanting too. Be sure to check out our full selection of streetwear joggers.

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