Black Jeans Outfits for Men

Black Jeans Outfits for Men


A pair of black jeans is one of the most versatile wardrobe staples you can own. Whatever look or aesthetic you are going for, whether dressed up or dressed down, black jeans are a go-to piece to work the rest of your outfit around.

With its roots in Rock and Roll culture, black denim jeans burst onto the scene with the likes of Elvis Presley, closely followed by rock legends such as Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Championed by these huge names, black jeans quickly became an iconic fashion piece during a time which represented new attitudes within society. One of the primary ways that people expressed themselves throughout this period was through the way that they dressed, and outfits with black jeans were at the forefront of that expression.

How to Wear Black Jeans

The fact is, black jeans can be worn for almost any occasion. They are so versatile that they transcend typical styles, meaning that you can put an outfit together for the office, a restaurant, bar, festival and everything in between. The key to wearing black jeans is to find a style which is appropriate for where you are going. A pair of straight cut jeans will be your best bet for having you covered for a wide range of occasions. If you are going for a more streetwear outfit, then perhaps consider some distressed jeans such as our shredded denim or destroyer denim.

black jeans

The fit of your denim can also play a role in how your outfit comes together to make you look. Black has a slimming and lengthening effect, so if you stand on the shorter side, you may want to consider a skinny or slim fit pair of jeans. If you are taller or on the skinnier side, you may want to consider wearing some baggy jeans to fill out your outfit.

Smart Black Jeans Outfits

When thinking about smart outfits with black jeans, many people will look to a classic white oxford shirt, possibly with a layered sweater. However, we believe that you man shouldn't limit yourself to such strict boundaries of classic shirting.

A simple way to master the smart aesthetic with black jeans in a fashionable way is by sticking with a monochrome palette. Black itself is a clean and sophisticated colour, it shouldn't take a contrasting coloured smart shirt, tie or sweater to communicate the smarter aesthetic you are going for. By going all black with your outfit, you show that you don't need louder colours to communicate your style. Your smart outfit should be an extension of your own sophistication and confidence; you shouldn't rely on it to do the talking for you.

By outfitting your black jeans with the prototypical smart elements of shirt and tie, you do exactly that. The tie is universally known to be the key component of a 3-piece suit, therefore by wearing it with anything else, it tells everyone around you that you want your look to be perceived as smart. As stated earlier, you don't want to rely on a piece to communicate your whole aesthetic for you; what you really want is for your whole outfit to be a fusion which extends your own persona.

I'm not saying that you should throw all your ties away, as they certainly have their place in the wardrobe. But wearing black jeans with a smart outfit shows that you are going against the norm, so why not do that with the rest of your outfit? Enter, the Black Overshirt.

The Black Overshirt is the ideal piece to pair with your black jeans for a smart outfit. It maintains elements of a typical smart aesthetic, with a full button-up front as well as fold-over collars, without plastering a sign on you that you're trying to dress smart.

Black Overshirt

Casual Black Jeans Outfits

Casual dress in general is the easiest style to wear. With black jeans, this is even easier. The issue with blue jeans, or any other pant for that matter, is that it sets the tone for the rest of the outfit; whatever you add can either beautifully match of disastrously clash. With black jeans, you don't have this issue. Black in of itself is the absence of colour, so there is no standard set in the first place. Even colours which may typically be labelled as difficult to style with anything, will suit a pair of black jeans, no problem.

With casual being such a generic term, the greatest consideration you should make when putting together your casual black jeans outfit is the occasion, and how you want to be perceived in that context. For a truly casual occasion at the lowest end of the formality scale; we're talking heading into town for some shopping, an oversized hoodie is perfect. The colour itself does not matter so much - you can choose to go loud and make a statement with brighter blues, corals, or vintage whites; or you may want to go more understated with browns, blacks or muted greys.

Our Owners' Club Hoodies come in a wide range of colours, all which are perfect for making a statement with your black jeans. If you prefer a more tonal palette, you may want to check out our range of luxury blank hoodies.

If you're looking to bridge the gap between casual and smart-casual, then you're going to want to go simple. Your best bet is to stick with black, white or grey throughout your whole outfit. Our Core Collection was created as a minimalist range, with more form fitting tees than our typical oversized t-shirts. This luxury range includes t-shirts in jet black, off-black, flat white, vintage grey and light grey marl. It also houses the Core Sneaker in black or white. All of the pieces in this collection are perfect minimalist clothing, ideal for pairing with your black jeans for a refined look.

The final look we shall be exploring is the streetwear outfit, for those who want to embrace the rock culture which black denim was born from. Suitable for any fit, wash or style of black jeans, for this kind of outfit you'll want to work with some vintage wash t-shirts. The worn nature of vintage washes adds depth and attitude to your outfit. For an even harder look, a graphic tee can be perfect to add a more standout element than a plain tee. Many of our graphic t-shirts were inspired from the tour graphic tees of rock bands who have popularised outfits with black jeans in the past. Embracing this style of clothing can be a sure fire way to master the modern streetwear aesthetic. Try layering with a varsity jacket too for a contemporary streetwear look.

Closing Thoughts

A pair of black jeans is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. You are able to put together limitless numbers of black jeans outfits, suitable for any occasion. If you are in any doubt about what may or may not work, your best bet is to try it. You may just surprise yourself.

Check out our full range of denim jeans. We have a wide range of washes, styles, fits and colours, all in the best luxury denim you will find on the market. If you're looking for something cool to pair with, then check out our range of graphic tees.