Fabrics For Summer

Fabrics For Summer



We have been in talks with our manufacturers and experts in the industry and have combined our views on what the best fabric for summer really is. Many see this as a time to wear linen and apparel which is much thinner than the usual garments we would consider. Our research and in-house R&D team have searched the globe for garments that allow for unique breathability, durability and comfort, whilst maintaining the luxury streetwear style that we desire.

At Represent we plan our seasonal collections months if not years in advance, so it is crucial for us to know our market, the designs and the fabrics that are going to complete our luxury streetwear look. In this blog we will be looking at the 10 best fabrics for men in summer 2021 which we have utilised.

The first fabric we want to showcase is the lightweight single jersey material. Throughout the year we release multiple capsules which contain different styles and uses, as we get to the warmer months we lighten our jersey blends as well as the weight of our t-shirt and sweaters to allow for greater softness, movability and breathability. In the winter months our sweaters and t-shirts can be found on a heavier jersey body, built to maintain warmth and accommodate layers. Whatever the style, we always nurture our luxury oversize fit. Shop our luxury hoodies and streetwear sweaters.

In our upcoming summer capsule we are going to be introducing a new fabric for the brand, engineered for the best summer fit and feel. The Jersey mesh will feature a dual mesh design engineered for breathability. In summer 2021 we will be releasing basketball shorts featuring a regular fit body and signature waistband and cord. The shorts will be finished with RiRi hardware and the Represent signature logo printed to the front. This fabric allows for the ultimate summer look and provides perfected comfort to avoid overheating or wear-out. The jersey mesh whilst being thin and lightweight allows us to embed customisable print to the body.

One of our best selling products of 2021 has been our 247 pant, these pants are engineered with Nylon Elastane and allow for a 4 way stretch combat style fit. This pant has been crafted to be the only pant you need and grants the user with ultimate functionality, breathability and comfort, something we feel is crucial throughout every season. This nylon elastane comes in a navy, black, taupe, grey and olive and has been manipulated in both pants and short form.

Another aspect to our 247 range is our 247 T-Shirt, this tee holds the ultimate sweat wicking technology and comprises a super stretchy soft finish. This 247 tee is custom crafted for our more active, fitted look whilst maintaining our key signature longer sleeve lengths and collar and is created using premium polyester materials. Our 247 range features the ultimate sweat wicking, comfort functional apparel on the market and most importantly allows for breathability, making it easily one of the best summer fabrics of 2021. Shop the complete 247 range.

A staple in any summer wardrobe is our mesh trucker hat. This luxury mesh has featured on many of our caps in previous collections, however for Summer 2021 we are releasing a new shape, featuring embroidery to the front of the cap and a complete mesh rear, allowing for greater breathability for all seasons. Discover our streetwear caps.

Our everyday t-shirt is a further refinement and iteration of the 247 t-shirt. This t-shirt is crafted with a luxury viscose material allowing the garment to drape and be breathable. This summer fabric is also highly absorbent and versatile, it is known for retaining its colour for long durations and multiple washes which is why we call it our everyday tee. The garment is soft on the body and does not trap in body heat, making it the perfect undershirt or comfortable over shirt to complete any look. Visit our everyday tees within our streetwear blanks range.

Another crucial summer fabric is the 100% cotton body found within our Blanks Shorts. All of our blanks range is crafted with this luxury heavyweight cotton to allow for unrivalled comfort and this is the reason why this garment features in our 10 best summer fabrics for men in summer 2021. This fabric controls moisture yet allows for breathability and features heavy within our summer rotation which is no issue as the garment is extremely durable.

Our footwear also features crucial summer fabrics to allow for breathability and comfort. Within our Alpha low sneakers we feature a metal eyelet to the inside of the shoe, this eyelet incorporates extremely small breathable holes which crucially allows the foot to breath, avoiding aggravation or sweat build up in those summer months.

Another fabric featuring in our footwear is our custom textile insole and lining which can be found in our upcoming Harrier sneaker - a sneaker built for functionality and comfort unlike our Alpha low or Reptor low trainers which are built to complete any luxury streetwear look. The harrier fits the sneaker silhouette in a more sport-like aesthetic so comfort, breathability and durability is crucial. The custom textile fabric allows for comfort to be maintained throughout all wears, both with and without socks, while the trainer features a soft insole as opposed to the leather insole found in the above mentioned sneakers.

Although some may not consider this as a summer fabric, we have to include our luxury cotton found in our hiking socks. This fabric enables a more cushioned feel and fit on the foot whilst maintaining support without suffocating the skin. We often combine these socks with sliders which is the perfect combination and streetwear style in those summer months - with or without sliders, we guarantee these are the softest socks on the market. Find our recently released socks featuring our new 2021 logo.

The above are just some of our favourite summer fabrics for men in summer 2021. We always strive to innovate and grow, therefore we always upgrade and refine our garments to continually be the best luxury streetwear brand on the market. Checkout our newest arrivals for all our latest releases and innovations within the luxury streetwear market.