The Best Accessories for Men in 2023

The Best Accessories for Men in 2023


It is without question that accessories are a sure fire way for men to elevate their look, but choosing the right pieces to compliment your aesthetic can be difficult. When thinking about the best accessories for you, you shouldn’t necessarily look for standout pieces. These are much less likely to be versatile across a range of outfits and aesthetics, and create the need for you to buy more to suit various styles. Instead you should seek to get accessories which blend seamlessly with every look. Simplicity can be a statement in itself, and that is one of the best tactics when looking for men’s accessories.

This article will present four of the best accessories for men in 2023, all of which I’d consider essential pieces to add an effortlessly sophisticated element to any outfit choice.


Sunglasses have always been one of the best accessories to add a statement piece to an outfit. Originally created as a practical utility to protect the eyes from UV sun rays, nowadays they are a fusion of form and function, with a vast range of styles, colours and lens shapes available. Sunglasses are one of the best men’s accessories for any occasion (however we recommend you don’t go for the ‘wearing shades indoors’ look), and you should experiment with different styles to suit your face shape.

If you want to avoid having to experiment with different styles, we recommend trying our Initial Sunglasses. These sunglasses have a contemporary fit, with bold rectangular frames and widened arms which are embellished with our Initial logo. Made in Italy, they are crafted from luxury acetate and feature polarised lenses, ensuring clearer vision and generally less eye strain from the sun than regular shades.

Initial Sunglasses

The Initial Sunglasses come in a range of colours: black frame with brown tint lenses; black frame with blue lenses; tortoiseshell frame with brown lenses, and black frame with black lenses. With regards to choosing a colour to suit you, I’d recommend darker frames and lenses for those with darker hair and skin tones, and lighter frames and lenses for those with fairer hair and skin. Generally, black frames with brown lenses will suit anyone. One of the main benefits of our Initial Sunglasses is that the bold rectangular frames will suit any face shape.

Pendant Necklace

A pendant on a chain is a jewellery accessory is possibly one of the most simple ways to upgrade any aesthetic. You can get many styles of chains; long, short, thick and thin, with the majority either being gold or silver in colour. They can be worn all day, every day and go with pretty much any outfit. If you feel that it doesn’t suit your style on a certain day, simply hide it under your t-shirt.


Our Winged R Pendant is an 18 inch, silver plated box chain necklace. Coming in Silver and Brushed Silver, it is the best accessory to add a simple touch of luxury to your outfit on a daily basis.

Crossbody Bag

Some of the best accessories for men in 2023 are those which add some functionality to your fit. For many, the ultimate wearable functionality piece is the bum bag. Historically not a fashionable accessory, bum bags have made a resurgence in line with the growing popularity of festival seasons. However, if a bum bag is too reminiscent of your dad at Disneyland, then let me introduce you to its more style conscious younger brother, the crossbody bag.

The Crossbody Bag in of itself is not too much different than the bum bag. It serves the same convenient function of storing valuables without having to carry a backpack, but it is just cooler. I can’t explain why, it just is.

Crossbody Bag

Our All Over Logo Crossbody Bag is the best functional accessory for men. It features a sturdy 100% polyester build as well as a front zip pocket and a side strap panel zip pocket for securing valuables. With a luxury oxidised metal ski lock fastening, metal bar Represent logo, as well as subtle all over logo branding, it is one of the best value for money accessories you can buy and get your out of on a daily basis. This accessory comes in Black, Brown and Racing Green.

Tote Bag

On the theme of functionality, let me introduce the next best accessory for men, the Tote Bag. Handbags and shoulderbags have always been a staple statement of luxury and style for women, yet they never really took off for men. Traditionally made from a wide range of fabrics, tote bags have historically been used to carry everything, from work essentials to grocery shopping, they are usually very simplistic in design, which is what makes them so powerful. Not every accessory needs to stand out; in fact, the best accessories for men are those which simply exist and merge effortlessly with whatever aesthetic you’re going for.

Tote Bag

Never introducing change for change’s sake has always been in the lifeblood of Represent as a brand. This is fully embodied in our All Over Logo Tote Bag, an accessory which takes all of the best fundamental elements of a Tote Bag; simplicity, convenience and versatility, and given them an upgrade. We added metal branded zips to the main bag opening with further internal zip and slip pockets to help organise your valuables. We also gave it a 100% polyester build so that it maintains its luxury feel with every wear, and the construction features subtle all over Represent branding. We finished the All Over Logo Tote Bag with a detachable initial metal pendant for the final touch of luxury. Available in Black, Brown and Racing Green, it truly is one of the most versatile accessories for men of 2023.

Closing Thoughts

This article has presented four of the best accessories for men in 2022. These are all pieces that I would consider the bare essentials and all that you need to upgrade your outfit. If you’re looking for more, then be sure to check out our full collection of accessories for men!