10 Best hoodies for men - Comfy & Stylish

10 Best hoodies for men - Comfy & Stylish


Hoodies are a must have item in everybody's wardrobes, with comfort and style the key to making the best hoodie. At Represent our high standards and regimented production system allows for only high quality garments to be produced, and thats no different when talking about our hoodies.

All our cottons are super soft, pre-shrunk piece dyed for the ultimate jersey hoodie. We use these premium materials to form our luxury streetwear sweatshirts & sweaters perfect for styling up your casual hoodie or casual sweatshirt look.

Our luxury streetwear hoodies are crafted in Europe with hand distressed detailing and bespoke designs. They come in an array of styles from zip up hoodies to pullover hoodies all designed with luxury premium medium and heavy weight loopback cottons, to make only the comfiest hoodies.

Whether it is the standard pullover hoodie, or the zip hoodie, we offer the best hoodie sweatshirt in the streetwear market. Made from organic cotton, our modern day hoodie is the perfect one for you.

In this blog we will be showcasing our top 10 best hoodies for men, and discussing how each type of hoodie was designed to be worn for every style and occasion, and how you can pair these hoodies with other items we offer, such are Cargo pants, Denim or Footwear.


Our Blanks range was born in 2020, we adapted to the challenges of lockdown and created a range separate from the mainline releases that incorporated essential pieces re-designed and re-imagined in monochromatic palettes that are relevant to be worn on all occasions and for any style.

Still using the same premium cottons as our mainline ranges, we introduced Blanks to provide a flowing wardrobe of essentials to the market...something that is timeless.

Black Blanks

The Blanks hoodies feature a slightly oversized fit in a heavyweight jersey cotton. They all have a kangaroo pocket with ribbed hems and cuffs, and feature cobrax poppers on the hood.

The hoodie comes in both an overhead hooded sweatshirt style and also a zip hoodie, with the classic full zip hoodie featuring premium RiRi zippers.

The hoodie collection started off with standard colorways such as Grey, Vintage Black & Vintage White. From there we have released many more colorways suitable for every season and style which we will touch on more later in the blog.

Grey Blanks

Whether you're doing casual friday or weekend lounging in the chilly weather, these Blanks hoodie are the perfect ones for you.

Our original Blanks are the best hoodie for men looking for a simple fits with the iconic monochromatic tones. The Blanks range also offers Sweaters, T-Shirts, Shorts & Sweatpants to match the hoodie to pull off the full Blanks fit. You can shop the Blanks collection here.

Graphic Hoodies

Our graphic hoodies are what we are best known for; our bestselling iconic graphic designs have been inspired from vintage rock bands and iconic British symbols.

Our Graphics have also led us to have collaborations with rock bands such as Megadeath & Ozzy Osbourne. We used inspiration from old albums covers & old vintage merchandise sold at their shows back in the 80's, and we used our designers to come up with exclusive graphics to be showcased on our clothing, and something at the time which was big in the streetwear fashion scene.

We have designed merchandise for Machine Gun Kelly, who has been a fan of the brand for a good few years. After meeting him, our owners decided to make a limited collection for his tour, in which he wore on stage.

We also carried out a collaboration with the leading e-sports company FaZe Clan, this collaboration saw us create a T-shirt & Hoodie featuring our Spirit Angel logo and their iconic FaZe logo.

Our in house design team research and find inspiration for these graphic designs themselves, and takes months of planning and preparation to do this. They scour through legendary album covers and vintage designs to come up with the bestselling designs seen on our site today.

Our designs feature on both of T-shirts & Hoodie, but its the Hoodies which make them stand out more. The Hoodies use super soft loopback cotton jersey to create the perfect oversized fitting hoodie, perfect for the colder months. The comfortable hoodie again has kangaroo pockets and cobrax poppers just like our Blanks collection.

Our FW21 collection features new designs showcasing iconic animals such as Dobermans, Tigers and Snakes, with our logo printed above the designs. These animals represent our brand ethos and morals, as well as featuring on previous iconic CD's and album covers. One of our favourites is the "Horsepower" hoodie, named after the FW21 collection itself and featuring a stallion across a jet black hoodie.

Our Summer capsule named "Isle of Angels" showcases American & College inspired graphics and colours, something which is different to our typical ranges. In a throwback to vintage American collegian fashion, we released hoodies featuring prominent lettering and graphics resembling an American college. To go along with these we also released graphics paying homage to some of Americas native animals, such as the American Eagles and Wolves.

Alongside these 2 graphics we released a tonal embroidered hoodie, we released this in White, Vintage Grey and Jet Black. The hoodie is designed much like the rest of our other hoodies, with an oversized fit, kangaroo pocket and heavyweight cotton. It also has our logo tonally embroidered into the front of the hoodie.

These Graphics hoodies are the best vintage inspired hoodie for men. You can find our Graphics collection here.

Summer Blanks

Following on from the success of our first Blanks launch, we followed it up with some new colorways that are perfect for summer. The new tones were designed match the weather and those summer fits we all want to pull off.

The summer tones brought in some new vintage colours, such as a vintage red, vintage green and vintage blue. To add to these colors we also introduced Taupe and Cream Marl to the Blanks range, giving a full summer tonal palette to fill out that Summer wardrobe.

Made with the same loopback cotton jersey as the original blanks range, the summer tones also feature a tonal embroidered Represent logo on the chest, something new for the collection, and to make it aware its Represent that you are wearing.

The hooded sweatshirts in this summer drop again feature those kangaroo pockets and in an oversized fit, and again they come in a giant classic full zip hoodie.

These vintage wash hoodie are the perfect hoodie for your summer style, you can also wear it during those colder night or even use it as a gym hoodie as you get yourself in shape for that summer body.

Owners Club

Our Owners Club collection has become much more than just a collection itself, it's become a way of life for many of our customers, Powered by Enthusiasts, for Enthusiasts. It makes our customer feel as if they are a part of the brand itself instead of just a customer.

Owners club started as another branch out from our mainline product, much like our Blanks range. It features a clean set of block colours with a simple graphic printed on both the front and back of the hoodie.

It has evolved over its short time, becoming one of our bestselling collections with new styles and colours being added all the time.

The hoodie itself have the same style as the Blanks, with the oversized fit, kangaroo pocket and ribbed hems. The brushed loopback hooded sweatshirt also features some subtle metal detailing on the pocket.

The Owners club hoodie only comes as a pullover hoodie, and not a zip hoodie found in other collections. The owners club heavyweight hoodie is the best hoodie we offer in terms of unique colorways found nowhere else across any product.

The Owners Club colorways are different, they use block colors to stand out, rather than the vintage inspired hoodie colors of Blanks or the Graphic hoodie. They include the bestselling colors of Black & flat white which are 2 staple colors in any wardrobe, we also expanded the collection recently to include Racing Green & Cobalt Blue, two colors which really stand out and sold out almost instantly, with customers begging for the colours to be re-stocked daily.

Recently we also added new pastel colorways into our Vault, to give a more exclusive feel to the collection. Pastel Lilac & Pastel Coral were added into the collection, with much anticipation these went on to sell out also.

We also have the ROC worldwide hoodies, the same hoodie style as the other Owners Club hoodies, but with a handwritten graphic across the front.

Another branch to the Owners Club collection was the recent addition of the Owners badge. The Owners Badge is a combination of the original Owners Club and the Spirit Angel, a design we have used on many of our graphics and designs in the past.

The Owners Badge hoodie came out in a jet black colour, with both a pullover hoodie design and a classic full zip hoodie, both hoodies feature the Owners Badge logo embroidered into the front and back of the hoodie.

The small collection also features a sweater, t-shirt, cap and an exclusive rug featuring the Owners badge, you can shop the Owners Club & Owners Badge collection here.

Winter Blanks

The latest edition to our Blanks collection features tones perfect for that winter wardrobe, as we now transition from those summer fits to the earthy winter tones, our Winter Blanks collection has you sorted for the colder months.

This new palette includes Slate, a twist on the standard Grey color but a staple tracksuit to anybody's wardrobe. Flat White, a clean, crisp color that goes with anything and a perfect layering piece this winter. Dusk, a mix of greens and olive colors that works perfectly for those warm winter tones. Brown, the most requested color we’ve had from customers since we launched Blanks this past year, and the ultimate autumnal tone.

The design & fit doesn't change from the original Blanks collection, the winter Blanks still feature the standard oversized fit and super soft cotton. The heavyweight hoodie also still features the kangaroo pocket, a staple in every hoodie. The warm tones also feature in the sweatshirts, t-shirts and shorts, theres also a new edition to the winter blanks, in a zip through track jacket and a zip sweatpant.

Another change to the winter Blanks is now a rubber stamped tonal logo, instead of the embroidered logo featured on the summer blanks.

You can get the best hoodie in a special deal we have running for Blanks products only, get 30% off automatically applied at checkout when you buy 3 or more Blanks pieces, sometime one hoodie isn't enough. Shop the new Winter Blanks here.

Keep an eye out in our ever expanding 247 range, as we introduce moisture wicking technical fabrics and a more structured fit to our brand. This range of soft pullover fleece hoodie has been engineered for every use and occasion, therefore the fit and fabric is different to what you would typically see.

These are 5 of the top 10 best hoodies for men we have to offer, make sure you keep your eye out for the next blog where we will showcase the next 5 hoodies we have to offer.

If you are looking to purchase any hoodie in the mean time, you can now do so risk free, by paying through Klarna, Clearpay or another of our new payment gateways on site. Now is the best time to shop at Represent.